Wednesday, March 14, 2012

General Knowledge 038

1. Identify the person below.

    Answer: Akira Yoshizawa (Today's Google Doodle is dedicated to him. He is considered the master of Origami. He is credited to have raised the craft to a living art.)

2. Identify the device below.

    Answer: It is the "Airdrop". (It is a simple device which literally sucks out water from thin air and through a network of piping underground condenses the air to water droplets. Irrigation through this method called Airdrop Irrigation.) (For more information:

    Answer: Air India (The first logo is of "Indian" formerly known as "Indian Airlines", the second logo is the old logo of "Air India". The two airlines officially merged in 2011, and the resultant company retained the latter's name and hence we see the current logo of Air India has an adaptation from both of the above logos. [Pictured below].)

4. Below is the Google doodle celebrating the 80th Anniversary of which Indian movie and what is special about this movie?

    Answer: The Movie being depicted is "Alam Ara". It was the first Indian Movie with sound. (Today marks its 81st Anniversary.)

5. Which famous company's logo do you see below?

    Answer: Encyclopedia Britannica (It has announced that it will stop producing the print edition.)


  1. good set of questions. when does the next set come?

  2. Well we post as frequently as possible with a maximum gap of 4 or 5 days. Till then visit the rest of the questions on the blog :)